Since its first edition in 2011, FILE Anima+ is becoming more prominent in FILE (Electronic Language International Festival). Initially a pilot project in FILE RIO 2010, FILE Anima+ gained a leading role in FILE Festival 2011, when it had its first own curatorship. But, if we look back in time, we will notice that in 2009 FILE had already established important partnerships with great art and animation festivals such as Japan Media Arts Festival, Siggraph (USA) and SICAF (South Korea), among others.
FILE Anima+ has always intended to be a window for professionals of the animation industry, students, schools, and emerging artists in order to create new audiences for animation, so this kind of movies can be more recognized as an art form, eliminating the idea that cartoons are only for children, and consecrating this art as a platform of multidisplinary artistic communication.
In its 4th edition in 2014, FILE Anima+ aims to give a panoramic view of the current production of animations, showing how artists appropriate techniques – stop motion, 2D and 3D animation, VFX, among others –, to express its concerns and opinions related to several social issues. Other animations are made with classic techniques, such as drawing, water color, painting, woodcut –, and some of these artists dare to draw frame by frame, then invite us to enter a small narrative, sometimes leading the audience to participate in the work bringing their references, repertoires and imagination.
By means of animations – this medium so diversified and wide –, FILE Anima+ looks for a way to mix techniques and matters making a juxtaposition of the digital and of the analogical, which dialogue in certain moments, generating a surprising aesthetics to our gaze, as well as new questions about our current world – some optimist and other more critic on the part of the artist and/or of the audience. Other animations use computer programs – Flash, Toon Boom, TV Paint, Maya, Fusion, After Effects, among others –, to create advanced techniques of digital animation used by major studios worldwide.
Perhaps the key to animation is not necessarily the technique, but its lines, colors, soundtrack, screenplay, the characters’ gestures, movements that are created, and the stories told frame by frame… When one becomes involved with those delicate fragments that make up an animation, there is a direct relationship with the work.
This edition of FILE Anima+ approaches some themes, including the human possibility to look at and relate with technology. A work that illustrates well this point is “IMACHINARIUM”, by Belgian studio Barefooted Knights, which unveils the electric circuit inside a technological object. Another theme addressed are the inner values of human beings, the search for a larger connection with the universe and its inherent duality. An animation that portrays the nuance of these issues is “ZODIAC – EVOLUTIAN” by Czech artist Murat Sayginer.
Among the highlights this year is the award-winning animated documentary “EUROPE” in 8-BIT, directed by Spanish Javier Polo, which explores the universe of chiptune or music chip, a new musical trend flourishing in Europe. The stars of this movement reveal how to reuse hardware of old videogames like Nintendo, Game Boy, NES, Atari ST, Friend, and Commodore 64 to turn it into a tool that can create a fully fresh sound.
The national contents also stand out with two Brazilian artists of different generations but with the same passion for traditional 2D animation. Rosana Urbes, with the short film “GUIDA”, proposes a reflection about the resumption of artistic inspiration and the art as an agent of transformation, and Wesley Rodrigues, with his new production “Viagem na Chuva”, a beautiful story where the rain and the circus travel a long way towards their final destination and, when they leave again, memories are left.
Also important, Brazilian artists Pedro Eboli and Guilherme Marcondes, in partnership with Birdo Studio of São Paulo, present respectively “GLOOM”, a music video of the band of the same name from the Brazilian state of Goiás, which focuses a hero that guides his giant robot and saves the city from terrible monsters, while he tries to win the hardest battle in his life: to conquer a girl’s heart –, and “CAVEIRÃO”, the story of the eternal battle for São Paulo’s soul, the shock between bohemian lifestyle and authoritarianism, comedy and horror.
The short film “LINEAR”, by Amir Admoni from São Paulo, questions his relevance as someone who lives in a city like São Paulo and what roads to choose, one safer and more predictable or another with full freedom. Henrique Barone, who is currently living in Canada, has just launched a video for Mike Edel’s song, “THE CLOSER”, which talks about baseball and its references.
With more than 100 animations, FILE Anima+ 2014 maintains its partnerships with festivals such as Japan Media Arts Festival, Sicaf (South Korea) and Siggraph (USA), which bring a rich contribution to Brazilian audiences, allowing us to dive into an exciting world to be explored, noticed, felt, and questioned. That is the fantastic animation world.

Raquel Olivia Fukuda
FILE Anima+ Coordinator

Schedule: August 26 through September 7, 2014 (10am to 8pm daily)

FILE Anima+ intends to consolidate new audiences for animation by means of screenings comprising several techniques and matters, as well as a juxtaposition of the digital and of the analogical. With more than 100 animations in its own curatorship, this edition of the festival maintains its partnerships with festivals such as Japan Media Arts Festival, Sicaf (South Korea), and Siggraph (USA).

Alexander Gellner – I Am Glad We Can Be Honest About This – Germany

Alexandra Levasseur – Table D’Hôte – France

Alfred Imageworks / Kyungmin Wool – Johnny Express – South Korea

Alice Dunseath – Hunting For Hockney – United Kingdom

Amir Admoni – Linear – Brazil

André Maat – Woodoo – Germany

Animade – Queue The Cowboy – United Kingdom

ArtBelly Productions / Miguel Garza – The Gold Sparrow – United States

Barefooted Knights – IMACHINARIUM – Belgium

Beakus – Royal Observatory Greenwich: How Big Is The Universe? – United Kingdom

Beakus – Sky ‘Penny Dreadful – Frankenstein’ Viral – United Kingdom

Ben Brand – Life Is Beautiful – Germany

Birdo Studios / Guilherme Marcondes – Caveirão – Brazil

Birdo Studios / Pedro Eboli – Gloom-Menina – Brazil

Bito – Chou Meng-Tieh – By The Verse – Taiwan

Caleb Wood – Plumb – United States

Caleb Wood – TOTEM – United States

Cesar Martinez – A Rather Lovely Thing – Mexico

Chris Coleman – METRO Re/De-Construction – United States

Conor Finnegan – Fear Of Flying – Ireland

Daisuke Kaneko – ECIRAVA – Japan

Daniel Britt – I Decided To Leave – United Kingdom

Dan Kokotjalo – FMK/Launch Film – United Kingdom

Daniel Farah – The Wend – Mexico

David Boub – Das Haus/The House – Germany

Emma De Swaef & James Roele – Oh Willy – Belgium

Eoin Duffy – Ditch The Monkeys – Thoughts – Canada

Eric Power – Morning Ritual – United States

Eric Schockmel – Macrostructure – United Kingdom

Eva Franz & Marc James Roels – OMEGA – United States

Fabio Tonetto – Pluto 3000 – Italy

Federico Gutiérrez – Perfect World – Mexico

Fiona Dalwood – Good Grief – Australia

Florent Texier – Xiu Xiu – Botanica de Los Angeles – France

Gavin Hoffman – Complicit – Ireland

Giant Ant Team – Costa Sunglasses / Project Guyana – Canada

Guillaume Blanchet – A Girl Named Elastika – France

Haruki Kawanaka – Float – Japan

Headless Productions / FEMA – Show You Care – Spain

Henrique Barone – Mike Edel’s The Closer – Brazil/Canada

Hi Organic Studio – Plastic Flowers – Taiwan

Hisko Hulsing – Junk Yard – Netherlands

I-Chun Chen – Shui-Yuan Lin Legend: Second Episode – Taiwan

Ivan Fernandez – Cousas de meigas – Spain

Javier Polo /Turanga Films – Europe In 8 Bits – Spain

Jilli Rose – Sticky – France

Joan Guasch – Isolated – Spain

Job, Joris & Marieke Studios – Happy Camper – The Daily Drumbeat – Netherlands

John Code Kim – Steadfast Stanley – United States

Joseba Elorza – Salva – Spain

Juan Antonio Espigares – Fuga – Spain

Kadavre Exquis – Equateur/The Lava – France

Katie Armstrong – Interlude – United States

Katarzyna Kijek & Przemyslaw Adamski – We Cut Corners – Best Friend – Poland

La Academia de Animacíon – Bailongo – Spain

Lucas Navarro – Bord de Mer – France

Malcolm Sutherland – Storm Jumper – Canada

Margherita Premuroso – M.o.M. – United Kingdom

Marine Duchet – Cyclope – France

Markus Hofko – Flying Lotus (feat. Laura Darlington – Phantasm) – New Zealand

Maryam Farahzadi – The Role Of Each Fret – Iran

Mathieu Labaye – Orgesticulanismus – Belgium

Matt Burniston – The Mega Plush – Episode II – United Kingdom

Matt Scharenbroich – Sims “LMG” – United States

Matthew Stephenson – They Both Explode – United Kingdom

Max Max Hattler – Stop The Show – United Kingdom

Max Litvinov – Birder – Russia

Maxime Hélier – Deux escargots s’em vont… – France

Maxime Hélier – La Goutte – France

Meditating Bunny Studios – Yellow Sticky Notes: Canadian Anijam – Canada

Miguel Jirón – Paint Showers – United States

Mike Geiger – On The Subway – Australia

Mr Kaplin – Damp Spirits – United Kingdom

Murat Sayginer – Zodiac – Evolution – Germany

Nicole Stafford – The Usual – United States

Nils Knoblich – From Dad To Son – Germany

Noah Harris – Julio Bashmore’s Peppermint – United Kingdom

Paul Bloomfield – Squeezie – United Kingdom

Péter Vácz – Rabbit And Deer – Hungary

Piero Tonin – Hoblio: The Path To Freedom – Italy

Rafaël Rozendaal – – Netherlands

Rafaël Rozendaal – – Netherlands

Rafaël Rozendaal – – Netherlands

Renata Ga?siorowska – With Your Eyes Closed – Poland

Rosana Urbes – Guida – Brazil

Rosanna Wan – I Like It When You’re Gone – United Kingdom

Ryann Shannon – Rain Check Birder – United States

Seth Boyden – Hoof It – United States

Shimi Asresay & Hily Noy – Strange Fruit – Israel

Siqi Song – Food – China

Takayuki Sato – The Moment Of Beauty – Japan

Talia Randall And Common Room Animation Project – Common Room – Israel

Tetsuya Tatamitani – MIA Animation – Japan

Tobias Stretch – Unity By Cristopher Bono – United States

Victor Caire – Pinnipédes – France

Vivienne Medrano – Timber – United States

Wasaru – Brian Damage Meets Vibronics – Sufferation – France

Wasaru – Kaly Live Dub – Allaxis – France

Wataru Uekusa – A Crow Is White – Japan

Wesley Rodrigues – Viagem na chuva – Brazil

Zachary Zezima – Cruising – United States


Japan Media Arts Festival
Animated Short Program 2014

IMABAYASHI YUKA – MyakuMyaku / Drops of life – Japan

HIMEDA Manabu – Yokosobokudesu – Japan

HIRAOKA Masanobu – One And Three Four – Japan

KABUKI Sawako – Here, There and Everywhere – Japan

KIM Hakhyun – Maze King – Korea

KUNO Yoko – Airy Me – Japan

MIZUE Mirai – Wonder – Japan

MIZUSHIRI Yoriko – Snow Hut – Japan

SUKIKARA Makiko & MATSUMURA Kohei – Wee Willie Winkie – Japan

WADA Atsushi – Anomalies – Japan

YAMAZAKI Shishi – Yamazuki Yamazaki – Japan

YUASA Masaaki – Kick Heart – Japan

Beyond the Technology

KAKIMOTO Kensaku – Minicar Music Player – Japan

KURATA Kogoro & YOSHIZAKI Wataru – Suidobashi Heavy Industry “KURATAS” – Japan

ONISHI Keita – Haisuinonasa “Dynamics Of The Subway” – Japan

OYAGI Tsubasa, BABA Kampei, TAKCOM, MUIRA Koschi, WATANABE Takayukim MAEDA Sadonori, HASHIMOTO Toshiyuki, TERAI Hironori & KAJIMA Takahiko – Tokyo City Symphony – Japan

Quayola – Strata #4 – Italy

Saigo No Shudan (ARISAKA Ayumu, OITA Mai & KOHATA Ren) – Yakenohara “Relaxin” – Japan

SATO Masahiko & EUPHRATES – Ballet Rotoscope – Japan

SUGANO Kaoru, YASUMOCHI Sotaro, ORAI Yu, Nadya KIRILLOVA, YONEZAWA Kyoko, SEKINE Kosai, SAWAI Taeji & MANABE Daito – Sound of Honda / Ayrton Senna 1989 – Japan/Russia

TAMAKI Roy – Roy Tamaki “Wonderful” – Japan

Tom WRIGGLESWORTH/ Matt ROBINSON – Travis “Moving” – United Kingdom

TSUJIKAWA Koichiro – Salyu X Salyu “Hanashitaianatato” – Japan

Victor HAEGELIN – Professor Kliq “Wire & Flashing Lights” – France

World Order – World Order in Budokan – Japan

Z-Machines Project – Z-Machines – Japan

2013 Awards

Alexis BEAUMONT, Remi Godin – Let´s Go – France

Amelie HARRAULT – Kiki Of Montparnasse – France

Christopher KEZELOS – Festival Trailer – Australia

Hisko HULSING – Junkyard – Netherlands/Belgium

JEONG DAHEE – The Hours Of Tree – Korea/France

Joni MÄNNISTÖ – Electric Soul – Korea/Finland

Tomasz POPAKUL – Ziegenort – Poland

Yousif AL-KHALIFA – Sleeping With The Fishes – United Kingdom

S2013 Computer Animation Festival Electronic Theater Selects (SVR Issue 179)

Blizzard Entertainment – World of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria Cinematic Intro – United States

Dans Digital – Midea – China

Georg Simon Ohm University of Applied Sciences Nuremberg – Hermit – Germany

Gobelins, L’école de l’image – One Day – France

Grupa Smacznego – Lost Senses – Poland

Machine Molle – Fortune Elephant Dream – France

Mathieu Gérard – Perfect Shadow – France

Media Design School – Funeral Home Piñatas – New Zealand

Method Studios – Cloud Altas: The World’s Sonmi And Zachry – United States/United Kingdom

Method Studios – Halo 4: The Commissioning – United States/United Kingdom

Unit Image – Zombi U – France

Passion Pictures – Toyota Prius ‘Hum’ – United Kingdom

Platige Image – Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser – United States

Ryan Grobins – The Rose of Turaida – Australia

Supifocom Arles – Á La Franceise – France

Supinfocom Arles – Bet She’na – France

Taiyo Kikaky Co, Ltd. – Not Over – Japan

WeWereMonkeys – Of Monsters And Men: King And Lionheart – Canada

S2013 Computer Animation Festival Daytime Selects (SVR Issue 180)

Amrinder Singh Jassar – SideKick – United States

Animations Studios – Gran Via – United Kingdom

Anthimos Xenos – Econews Iden – Greece

ArtFx – Reverso – France

Blizzard Entertainment – StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Cinematic Intro – United States

Blur Studio, Inc – Elder Scrolls – United States

Blur Studio, Inc – Dark Souls II – United States

Blur Studio, Inc – PlanetSide 2: Death is No Excuse – United States

Cut & Cook – Infime – France

Dans Digital – Gemdale Lake City – Art – China

Dans Digital – Gemdale – Glory – China

Dans Digital – Gemdale Lake City – Rain – China

Dans Digital – Park 1903 – China

Digic Pictures – Assassin’s Creed III – Hungary

Digic Pictures – Castlevania – Lords of Shadow – Hungary

Digic Pictures – HALO 4 Prologue – Hungary

Francesco Siddi – Caminandes: Llama Drama – Netherlands

Gravity – Disintegration by Monarchy ft. Dita Von Teese – Switzerland

Gravity – Making Of Disintegration By Monarchy ft. Dita Von Teese – Switzerland

Gobelins l’école de l’image – Le Ballet – France

Gobelins l’école de l’image – In-Between – France

Gobelins l’école de l’image – Panade Sur Le Green (Trouble On The Green) – France

Gobelins, l´école de l’image – Rhapsodie Pour Um Pot-au-feu (Stewpot Rhapsodv) – France

IAM Entertainment – R’há – United States

Lisaa – House Pickles – France

MagicPictures Studios, Inc. – Subaru XV ‘The Battle’ With Symmetrical AWD – Japan/United States

Media Design School – Shelved – New Zealand

Method Studios – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – Train Top Battle – United States/United Kingdom

Method Studios – Kia ‘Hotbots’ – United States/United Kingdom

Method Studios – Kia ‘Space Babies’ – United States/United Kingdom

Method Studios – Wrath of the Titans – Awakening of Kronos – United States/United Kingdom

MPC – 4/7 Idents – United Kingdom

MPC – Dell, Thomas – United Kingdom

MPC – Nike+, Game On – United Kingdom

MPC – Prometheus – United Kingdom

Nagoya City University – Hamayuri – Japan

Nagoya City University – Time Lapse Radiance – Japan

Neither-Fleld – Metropolis Pt. II – United States

Passion Pictures – Stadium UK – United Kingdom

Ran Sieradzki – Meet Me Far – Canada

Supinfocom Arles – AZUL – France

Supinfocom Arles – Contre Temps – France

Supinfocom Valenciennes – Oru Burus – France

Supinfocom Valenciennes – Trois Petits Chats – France

Tainan University of Technology – Huhu – China

Tainan National University of the Arts – Impermanence – China

Texas A&M University – Sleddin – United States

Transistor Studio – Express – United States

Valves – Team Fortress 2: MANN vs. MACHINE – United States