Laura Leppert


FILE Sao Paulo 2019 |  Anima +
Electronic Language International Festival

Engine’ imagines the forming of a machine consciousness by means of a forest fire recognition algorithm, telling its journey from maximum efficiency to obsolescence. We first see it analyzing mountains of satellite images. A one-track mind cuts across its path. The fires keep contaminating its vision, no matter where it turns its automatic eye. Finally, made obsolescent and switched off, it turns its attention towards a human, wondering why his actions seem so limited – what powers him?


Laura Leppert, born 1993, is a Munich-based German emerging artist and filmmaker. Leppert works with installation, video and objects to create contemplative and critical works. Starting from a vision of the world as under permanent construction, she tries to destabilize dominant interpretations of social, economically relevant and natural objects. She is a final year student at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. Since spring 2018, she is Meisterschülerin (Master’s student) under Olaf Nicolai. She also studied at the Linz University of Arts, Austria, and at Muthesius Academy of Arts, from where she graduated with a BFA (with Honours, 2016).