Sebastian Gatz


FILE Sao Paulo 2019 |  Anima +
Electronic Language International Festival



‘Aurora’ is an animation based on experimental cellular automata, related to the simulation of wave functions, combined with digital glitching methods. The generated pattern creates a visual pull into the animation while simultaneously showing individual slides of traditional carpet-like color patterns. The animation has a lifecycle, from the birth of the patterns to existence and exploration, and then death and destruction and just noise at the end. The work is in constant change, with transitions from one frame to the other. On a meta level it is a digital probe, a symbol, for the path through life, until it starts again from frame zero.


Sebastian Gatz is an architect, artist and trained car mechanic, working and teaching at the intersection of art and science – currently at his Alma Mater, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts at the Centre for Information Technology and Architecture. His work explores the relationship of art, architecture, technology/ robotics and fiction. He has worked, taught and exhibited in Germany, Portugal, the United States, Italy and Denmark.