3kta: Andre Rangel & Anne-Kathrin Siegel


Graffonic results from the technical process of production of an hyper-tool materialized under the form of an installation. This reactive work of art which we now present can be seen on a video projection, under the control of a video sign analysis system that covers all of the projection area. The user’s movement is quantified in numerical data which will be the intelligible message for the machine. Accordingly, using its relative cognitive ability (supported by algorythmic processes), it will provide an audiovisual answer. The computer’s answer is grounded on a process of generative design in order to create an aesthetical reflex on a real-time scale. Anyone, of any age, can participate without effort in this generative audiovisual creative process. The Graffonic interface doesn’t imply any kind of literacy, it functions simply as a common tin of “spray paint”. Graffonic system can be set up indoors or outdoors, using front or rear projection. With the technology developed in Graffonic it is possible to practice graffiti, with no damage to the existing architecture.

ANDRÉ RANGEL (Aveiro, 1971) Designer, PhD Student in Science and Technology of Art, Master in Digital Arts, Guest Professor at Fine Arts Universities of Porto and Barcelona. Co-Founder and co-director of Tddy and Ula.li projects. Designer and producer of contemporary events (web: http://andrerangel.pt). ANNE-KATHRIN SIEGEL (Berlim, 1979) Architect by the Weimar University, specialized in buildings rehabilitation. Develops projects and consultancy of Architecture, Scenography e New Media. Has worked in the Architecture offices of Engel and Zillich & Wendt in Germany. (web: http://a-ks.eu)