Alan Bigelow

This Is Not A Poem

This is not a poem

“This Is Not A Poem” takes the famous poem “Trees” by Joyce Kilmer and, transcribing it onto a “scratchable” disk, makes it into a toy, a game, and a language engine. The piece is online (or available offline with a CD), and a visitor can navigate the work by mouse movements on the poem text and disk. “This Is Not A Poem” is infinitely playable, in the sense that once the text has been deconstructed, it can be renewed and played again.

Alan Bigelow’s work, installations, and conversations concerning digital fiction have appeared in,, Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts,, FILE 2007-2010, E-Poetry 2007/2009, Art Tech Media 2010,, and elsewhere. Currently, in addition to teaching full-time at Medaille College, he is a visiting online lecturer in Creative Writing and New Media at De Montfort University, UK. You can see his work at