Alan Sondheim

What Remains

The visuals in this work stem from altered motion capture equipment at West Virginia University; we created a new software interface in order to create “behavioral filters.” The song lyrics are sung by Azure Carter, who also did the music; they’re modified from a text I have written. I’m interested in using avatars to represent both wounded and altered human bodies, and bodies moving in “inhuman” ways – twisted beyond what a human can do. In this manner I investigate the phenomenology of the body itself, as well as body distortions that are discomforting and troubling.

Alan Sondheim and Azure Carter work together on music/sound/video and choreographies in virtual spaces. Sondheim is a theorist/new media artist/musician; Carter is a performer/singer. Both are based in Brooklyn. In 2012 Sondheim completed a residency at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center. His most recent book is Writing Under. Along with Helena Espvall, Sondheim and Carter released Cauldron on the Fire Museum label; this is their most recent recording.
I’ve worked a great deal with the relationship between the body and formal systems of one sort or another. I’m interested in issues of abjection and decay, sexuality and death – the “dirty underbelly” of the digital world. I explore these in both virtual and real/physical worlds, as well as through theoretical writing.