Andrei Thomaz

Invisible Mazes

Invisible Mazes is composed by two games, available for mobile devices (Java) and for web (Flash). Invisible Mazes #1 poses to the player the challenge of reaching the exit of a maze which is completely invisible when the game starts. A blue circle is the player’s avatar, and a red circle shows the exit of the maze. Each time the player moves inside the maze and touches a wall, this one becomes visible. However, as time is limited (five minutes), the player can’t lose time making all the maze visible; after some failures, she realizes that is needed to create a strategy to reach the exit before the time runs out. It is not possible to memorize the maze plant, as a different maze is generated, randomly, at each time the game is played. In the other hand, in Invisible Mazes #2, the maze is visible in the beginning of the game but, at each second, some walls are erased. Although they are not more visible, they remain blocking the player movements. Therefore, the game turns increasingly harder, as the player can’t see the maze anymore and is obligated to advance by trial and error. Invisible Mazes #2 puts the player in a situation where to act quickly is mandatory to win. Along the first minutes, she has to choose if she is going to try moving as fast as possible, or if she will study the maze paths, to be able to move when it is not more visible. Contrarily to Invisible Mazes #1, that turns easier as time goes by, having more time to finish Invisible Mazes #2 would not help very much.

Andrei Thomaz (visual artist), Francisco Serpa (actor and lighting technician), Lílian Campesato (sound artist) and Vitor Kisil (composer) share the interest for the creation of performances dealing with sound, moving imagens and light, using material elements mixed with the use of real time manipulation software of sound, image and video. This group has been working since one year in sound performances and installations.