Angélica Beatriz

Percursos Eletrônicos – Labirintos em expansão

“Labirintos em expansão” is a web art work that consists of image-interfaces linked by hyperlinks. The main objective is that the user browses intuitively through the images, which perform the very structure of the WWW. The links between the images of the work are planned as a labyrinthine structure. The structure of the work is similar to the structure of the web, although its interface is formed only by images. The users´ actions can lead some animations to happen or reorganize some images´ composition. That performs an interface with the users, once they get a reply, sometimes unexpected, for their actions. That is what happens either in the everyday browsing: planned destinations or unexpected ones, surprises, or the unpleasant error messages. It is established a level of interactivity with the users, for they can interrupt or redirect the information flux; although the users, at first, do not know the consequences of their choices. The main point is the path that the users develop when they browse among the images. That movement is similar to the everyday browsing at the WWW. The idea for this work came from issues suggested by the development and the structure of the Internet, specifically the WWW, which has the hypertext as its elementary structure. That is a web art work that gives emphasis upon the way that the web organizes itself. The images of the interfaces are visual references to webs and intricate paths that develop into every direction. Two metaphors are suitable to explain the chaotic structure of the WWW: the labyrinth and the rhizome. These are key concepts for the development of the images and the work itself. Once inserted in the WWW, the work becomes part of the information web. So, “Labirintos em expansão” is a microcosm in the WWW universe.

Angélica Beatriz, 22, was born in Uberaba, Minas Gerais. Actually she is on the fifth year of the fine arts course at the Federal University of Uberlândia.