Antonio Mendoza


ART DAMAGE is the organizational node of the web art sites, In keeping with the end of intellectual property rights, both sites have been created using images, sounds and scripts that have been pirated from magazines, books, CDs and other existing web sites. the sites work like meta-collages in which the hyperlinkage between pages acts an active element in the collage logic. SUBCULTURE ( is like the autistic web paradise, full of information but stuck in annoyingly repetitive patterns. it”s alternatively simple and complicated, discouraging and enticing, enchanting and annoying, pointless and meaningful, organized and chaotic, beautiful and ugly. SNOWCRASH is more like an epileptic web seizure. It is loud, retinal and disturbing, with web pages behaving in ways they shouldn”t be behaving. EXTREME.ANIME spews out recycled sexual iconography like the old surrealist “chance meeting between an umbrella and a sewing machine on a dissecting table” — constantly reconfiguring itself into highly imflammatory and unintentional readings. Keywords: data panic, sex, chaos, appropriation, sampling, piracy, virus worship, anthropomorphism, anti-copyright, browser abuse, corporate overload, spam art, GUI crash, web on crack, anna.kornikova.exe, better living through code.

Antonio Mendoza, the son of Cuban exiles, was born in Miami, Florida, and was raised in Madrid, Spain.