Bell Brothers

Record Tripping

“Record Tripping” is an award-winning web game created by the Bell Brothers. The game’s controls are introduced with a spinning record that can be scratched back and forth using the mouse’s scroll wheel. Each of “Record Tripping”‘s five chapters present a different take on these spinning controls by swapping out the record with a different rotating object. The gameplay mechanics vary from navigating a ball out of a barrel’s maze to guiding falling seeds into a flower pot. Since its release, “Record Tripping” has been played over 6 million times in more than 150 countries.

The Bell Brothers, consisting of twin designers John and Dan Bell, are the creators of the web game Record Tripping. Since graduating from the Digital Media program at Drexel University, they’ve gone on to work together at several interactive agencies in the Philadelphia area. Outside of work, John and Dan collaborate to create independent projects that feature strong visuals complimented by unique interactions.