Bia Medeiros Carla Rocha, Viviane Barros & Cintia Carla


The Web-art by Reaserch Group Corpos Informáticos has been developed since 1996. In 2002 the Web site was completely upgraded. Its research seeks Internet’s technical specificities concerning artistic creation. The Home page is composed of six entries, each one exploring the Web’s possibilities. discusses the concept of linearity, of (e)volution. Once the site is unveiled it becomes unedited; each visit infinite in itself (venue at FILE 2000); and (2002)introduces the Group’s research in telepresence performance ( Corpos Informáticos a pioneer of this artistic language in Brazil); reflects on the “ideal” contemporary body; have texts in Portuguese, English and French. Also at the home page there is a link for an interview made with Bia Medeiros for the “Kunstbart TV” channel (Documenta11, Kassel).

The Research Group Corpos Informáticos (, constituted in 1992 at the University of Brasília, Brazil, explores Contemporary Art and New Technologies. The guideline of its reflections has been that of human beings “redimensioned” by omnipresent technologies. Its practices involve interactive exhibitions, urban interventions, performances and video art. The Group is formed by: Alexandre Cerqueira, Carla Rocha, Cyntia Carla, Francisco Rah, Maria Beatriz de Medeiros (Coordinator), Marta Mencarini, Maycira Leão, Pablo Braz and Renata Barreto.