Porque Luchamos

Originally presented as a performative audiovisual, “Porque Luchamos” (Why we fi ght) uses images of actions/interventions in the urban space performed by the group in Brazil and Argentina, mixed to media images pirated from video sites. A small mosaic that refl ects on the meanders of geopolitical confl icts involving hegemonic nations in their unrestrained fi ght for real and psychological territories.

Formed in 1997 by architects and artists, Bijari is a creation center in visual arts, design, architecture, and video, acting in cultural and art projects. Developing works in different supports and technologies, the group acts between the analogical and digital mediums, creating projects whose focus are the poetics related to human existence within the urban universe. From there emerge their inspirations for creation within different areas that blend and reciprocally stimulate. Created as a space for artistic investigation, the studio dedicates to the creation of art projects directed by a critical look on questions of urban reality: interventions, performances or videoprojections are means used to establish experiences/ disruptions in which the construction of meanings is investigated. It has recently participated in exhibitions in Argentina (BienaldoFimdoMundo-Ushuaia, 2007, and Normalidad, 2006), Costa Rica (Estrecho Dudoso, 2006), Cuba (Havana Biennial, 2003 and 2006), Germany (Kollective Kreativitat, 2005) and Russia (“Qui vive?”, 2006). Bijari: Eduardo Fernandes, Frederico Ming, Flávio Araújo, Gustavo Godoy, Geandre Tomazoni, Maurício Brandão, Olavo Ekman, Rodrigo Araujo & Sandro Akel.