Blackhole Factory: Elke Utermoehlen & Martin Slawig


The artists use two wii remote controllers, different sensors and live audio/ video processing software based on max/ msp jitter. All audio and visual materials are created live during the performance. Performers, objects and sound are merging with layers of projection.

Elke Utermöhlen is a performance artist and singer. She is co-founder of the LOT-Theater in Braunschweig and was a member of LA OTRA ORILLA Theater, Lima/ Braunschweig from 1984-90, being at that time intensively involved with advanced cultural exchange in its many aspects. The encounter with Latin American culture as well as an analysis of Asian stage art were of fundamental importance in deciding the style of this company. In her work she combines vocal and textual experimentation, material/ object sounds, low-tech electronics and interactive systems. She has created music for theatre and dancing projects, directed LOT-Theater productions and those of other independent theatres and works with mentally handicapped actors. Performances in Peru, Brazil, Cuba, USA and several European countries.

Martin Slawig: percussionist, audio-visual artist trained in West Africa, Cuba and at the International School of Percussion in Munich. He works with custom built instruments and computer programming for realtime processing (max/ msp, nato, jitter, softVNS, LiSa, imagine). Development of sound and video installations. Compositions for theatres. Concerts in Germany, Poland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Czechia, Macedonia, Spain, USA, Brasil, Cuba showing his own projects or in collaboration with Edward Filipp, Havana, John Santos, Hamid Baroudi, Stephen Buchanan, Marc Sloan, Brenda Hutchinson, C.O.Caspar and others. Martin Kroll works as a photographer in Berlin. His main fields of work are people and documentary photography. The cooperation with Elke Utermöhlen and Martin Slawig enables him to explore new fields of visual communication not possible in commercial work. Interfaces, that allow the visitor to experience media in a totaly new way and new forms of photography and documenting will be the future of telling stories. Blackhole factory experiments with concepts approaching all the senses of the visitor. This interactivity as well as the intersection of photography and video with performance and sound is what strives Martin as working on tomorrows communication.