Blendid: David Kousemaker & Tim Olden


TouchMe is an interactive installation that allows its users to create and contribute a personal image to the otherwise impersonal public space. Images that are created by interacting with a plate of frosted glass remain a part of the piece and are displayed when no interactions occur for a given time. Members of the public can interact with this piece by simply pressing a part of their body or objects against a frosted glass surface, leaving a kind of imprint for them and others to see. The interaction itself is entertaining, and an extra dimension is added as the results are kept as a permanent part of the installation. TouchMe is intended to those typical modern public spaces that seem predominantly designed to withstand large flows of people without any impact. It is as if the users of these spaces were viewed only as pawns, which are to be efficiently routed through this domain on their way from point A to point B. All traces of these visitors will be erased when the next scheduled cleaning crew has removed the footprints from the granite wear-free floor.

Blendid is an interaction art/design collective consisting of David Kousemaker & Tim Olden. Operating in the space between interactive art en design, their collaboration utilizes a wide variety of technologies to create experimental pieces with a focus on interactivity. Blendid is primarily interested in projects that allow for digital technology to crossover into the physical realm.