Bostjan Burger

Slovenia Landmarks

The goal of the project is to display the cultural and natural heritage of our planet with interactive Virtual Reality Panoramas. The project started in 1996 and is updated almost every week. This presentation is a part of work in progress. Today it consists of 3260 Virtual Reality Panoramas, 1000 high resolution full screen QTVR-s and more than 12.400 photos (also wallpapers in three standard resolutions)

Bostjan Burger was born in 18. October 1966 in Ljubljana – Slovenia. He is Head of an experimental multimedia and GIS enterprise BURGER k.d. Some of the projects: In June 1996 the project “Slovenia Land Of Waterfalls” started on the Internet – after 15 years of reseaching the hydrology with the main emphasis on waterfalls of Slovenia. Over 300 waterfalls were presented with the complete data and visual information of the waterfall. In 1997 the “Virtual Realy Panorama project – Landmarks” started. The main emphasis of the project is a visual presentation with Virtual Reality Panoramas Towns, museums, castles, waterfalls, caves, lakes, mountains, natural and national parks and ethnology are presented with more than 3200 VR Panoramas and interactive pictures. The project for the region of Slovenia was named “Images from Slovenia” at to display geographic, natural and cultural features of Slovenija. Ministry of Culture supported project “Virtual guide to Slovenian Museums” in March 2000. Slovenian cultural locatins are presented with the Virtual Reality Panoramas which are connected in a virtual guide to each museum.Slovenian caves and Karst project started in September 2000. The project was supported by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning. Cave systems of Postojnska jama and Skocjanske jame (UNESCO protected regional park) were displayed in a “3D” model with the Virtual Reality Panoramas. The project continued in 2001 when the Krizna cave system was presented.