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Esoth Eric

Esoth Eric the project Esoth Eric has been developed on a given equation that has 1, 0 or -1 as a result. applied to the life and work of an imaginary character from reVoltaire archive, to any other author, to the archive itself, the equation develops and reveals a new work. the equation can be solved linearly or randomly in three distinctive ways [off-line & on-line]: 1. [virtual work] > Revelator > Esoth Eric: life and work – the elements of equation correspond to the biographemes of the character and can be combined according to the preferences of the user or can be accessed chronologically. the result revealed by the melting pot will always be different. 2. [pataphysical work] > Bleach Fix System Overflow 1.0 > pattern – the independent programme ?BFSO 1.0? is a offering the user the delight of remodeling the defining elements of any other author. the computer becomes the hat where dadaists used to introduce words cut from the newspaper. the computer again has the delicate task of choosing the finest result. 3. [real work] >Rejuvenator > reVoltaire archive – the same principles are being applied to existing hypermedia works already included in the reVoltaire archive. Quod Erat Demonstrandum – according to the convention, everything put in the melting pot will be perceived as an element of the equation. the chosen result will be the logical one or the one given by the computer in a way that does not need to be explained anymore. if x = 0, any affirmation loses its sense. in reality zero is the golden number of hypermedia works. if x = -1, singularities and limits are abandoned and one can speak of the imaginary time where everything is possible. if x = 1, a numeric object is shown, as an effect of organizing, tuning or intentionally covering a sonorous or graphic space. this object, with no precise meaning, is named krestanatz

Place of residence: Arad, Romania. Education: B.A. in literature, Timisoara University, Romania; chief-editor and designer of intermedia magazine; member of kinema ikon group. works, experimental films and interactive installations exhibited at: Venice Biennial, Centre Pompidou, Sao Paulo Biennial, FILE Sao Paulo, EMAF Osnabrueck, ISEA Liverpool, ISEA Paris, Cornell University NY, d>art Sydney etc.