calin man

The Golden Virus & Other Web Site Stories

The Golden Virus & Other Web Site Stories [1999]: The main story contains 8 off / on line screens: Aradin Eclipsovici meets The Golden Virus [un virus calin which instead of causing digital damage, grants the user three wishes]. on screen # 3 open The Golden Virus Monthly Report and send your wish to The Golden Virus Residence. from the main story another 9 stories in htmi format are accessed off line: the characters of the reVoltaire archive witness various events having taken place in Arad along time [the relocation of the city, the emergence of certain enigmatic circles at the end of six hunters street, the total sun eclipse, the city”s seizure by French troops, Kafka”s visit etc.]. these characters, although inactive and apathetic, are once again successful in giving history a pataphysical perspective.

Place of residence: Arad, Romania. Education: B.A. in literature, Timisoara University, Romania; chief-editor and designer of intermedia magazine; member of kinema ikon group. works, experimental films and interactive installations exhibited at: Venice Biennial, Centre Pompidou, Sao Paulo Biennial, FILE Sao Paulo, EMAF Osnabrueck, ISEA Liverpool, ISEA Paris, Cornell University NY, d>art Sydney etc.