David Boardman


“SpazioTempo” harvests the world imagery of Google Streetview and re-proposes it in an irrational way: it substitutes the original orienting function with a random exploratory flow. It leverages on the fragments of Google’s representation of the world and creates an exploration that never ends.

Focused on the functional and emotional impact of technologies in our everyday lives, David is a designer and media artist engaged in creating connections between people, information and sociable spaces. He spent more two years working as designer and research scholar at the Design Laboratory within the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, envisioning future scenarios and designing next-generation experiences. Prior to that, he was engaged in several research and innovation hubs such as CSP, Domus Academy Research Centre, Kitchen Budapest. He has presented and exhibited his design and media arts projects in several venues such as Ars Electronica, MIT Humanities + Digital Conference, Pervasive Computing Conference, Digital Heretics at International Journalism Festival, Fuorisalone, RomaDesign+, Chile Art Biennial, The Arts & Politics of Netporn, Picnic Conference. His portfolio projects have been featured on Scientific American, We Make Money Not Art, Wired.it, Infosthetics, Sky News Italia, Il Sole 24 Ore, Repubblica.it, ORF Austria. He organized workshops and lectured at MIT, SUSPI Lugano, Domus Academy, PUCRS Porto Alegre, Universita di Torino, and Universidad de Chile.