Edward Folger

The Melancholy of Resistance

The Melancholy of Resistance was shot entirely scripted from live (avatar) action in Second Life (virtual world). A mash-up of Rose Borchovski’s interactive installation, ‘The Inevitability of Fate’, about the sadness of a woman who loses her child to the holocaust, along with texts describing the process of decay and regeneration, culled from the novel, ‘The Melancholy of Resistance’, by Hungarian writer, László Krasznahorkai.

Edward Folger’s long career (1965-2012) has followed a polymath track: starting as a student of physics, he switched to literature at Columbia University, then became a playwright and poet while also experimenting with still photography; after that, theatrical film was his concentration for many years, and he moved into video when it became a viable art form (circa 1978); when personal computers became affordable, he called upon his scientific background to learn the programming skills needed to apply computer technology to video art, and finally, after a brief detour into computer software design, he has returned to the area of digital video art where he finds many of his previously “impossible dreams” are now within reach.