Enrique Radigales

12 Metros de Landscape

In “12 Metros de Landscape” paper printed in pigmented ink and covered in acrylic paint, an topography is outlined whose contours evoke a mountain ridge formed by the multitude of seemingly random online images you get when you google the search term “landscape”: 17th century Dutch paintings; cartographies of (or from) the past, the present or even the future.

Enrique Radigales is an artist based in Madrid, Spain. He works with programming, video, photography and drawing techniques to explore the border between the digital and the analogue worlds. By this he creates an ever-increasing vague field that allows him to comment on the technological progress as a reflection of the social and financial evolution, and finally the relationships between temporality and technology. Enrique Radigales studied painting at Escola Massana in Barcelona and graduated from the Interactive Systems program at UPC University, Barcelona, in 1996.