SGE: Suprematist Graphical Engine haikuGen is a basic bot that remixes haikus available on Five7Five mailing-list archives netart/haikugen

art & code since 1998 In order to reveal what could be beyond the so-called cartesian rationality of the contemporary computing culture, erational do indeed crash our computers or develop new interface is wonderfully sophisticated, yet also playful and whimsical. While working on a high-level platform, erational remains aware of the history of the interactive medium (as in “tetris remix”) and thus its materiality and meaning. As well as producing the vast database of fine projects on erational, he collaborates with other artists (John Hudak, College Invisible …) and participates in online and real-life discussions of new media art. erational is also member of the teleferique team. erational?s current work focuses on software developement and database architecture.