Erik Loyer


Chroma is a sixteen chapter episodic work, updated every four to eight weeks. The site fuses a powerful story with beautiful interactive animations, more than twenty new songs, striking art direction and professional voice talent. The story of Chroma follows four characters as they explore the possible meanings of racial identity in the digital world. The plot unfolds primarily through the monologues of these characters, each of which is set to music. While the overarching story of Chroma is linear, interactivity plays a very important role in the piece, becoming the vehicle through which empathy with the characters is established. Fluid, real-time graphics are used to represent the thoughts and feelings of characters in a myriad of ways, from abstract animations to living creatures. The user interacts with these elements using the mouse, and sees them respond in ways that help to illuminate and build emotional connections to the players in the story.

Erik Loyer is a digital media artist whose works explore the creative potential unleashed by the advent of digital communications. His multiple talents as a writer, designer, animator, composer and programmer result in pieces that exhibit strong tactile qualities and a unique synergy. Using the dynamic interactive vocabulary of computer games as a departure point, Erik applies techniques of real-time animation and interaction to poetic content which users enact and explore. Erik”s professional career began in 1993 as an audio editor for The Voyager Company, the pioneering developer of CD-ROM and laserdisc titles. A year later, he joined several Voyager alumni in founding Inscape, an innovative CD-ROM game developer, where he created interface and game designs for a number of titles. In 1997, following the Los Angeles exhibition of his experimental CD-ROM, “aug 6 1991,” Erik turned his talents to the World Wide Web. His multimedia art site “The Lair of the Marrow Monkey” won a 1998 New Media Invision Silver Award and has been added to the permanent collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The success of that project led to a 1999 Rockefeller Media Fellowship for Erik to support his latest work, an online episodic interactive narrative entitled “Chroma.” In the Internet consulting sector, Erik most recently founded and led the information architecture division at the Los Angeles office of Razorfish, Inc.