Esther Hunziker


“Dump” is a work about abstract language. Communication that pretends to say something, but it does not. Empty communication, void signs, abstract language and incoherent speech, information overload and repetition, confused tattle, inapprehensible word salad, thoughts going nowhere, language going everywhere, splitter, fragments, a communication of refusal. The work draws a connection between abstract computer generated spam-mail text and schizophasia, the disorganized speech characteristic of schizophrenia. Schizophasia is speech that is confused and repetitive, and that uses words that have no apparent meaning or relationship with each other, likewise the substance-free communication of spam mails. We normally trash unwanted spam mails before we waste a thought on them. Our brain automatically helps us to make a distinction between important and unimportant information and tones down non-relevant senses, before they reach our consciousness. Schizophrenic patients are typically unable to filter sensory stimuli. Sights and sounds we ordinarily wouldn’t notice take on an ominous meaning for acutely ill schizophrenics. Like the characteristics of such a brain dysfunction, “DUMP” refuses to filter. It builds up a place where useless information, like stupid spam mails, can turn into essential, meaningful messages. Everything is relevant, nothing is purposeful, information is overloaded, thoughts distracted. Therefore everything gets stuck in an endless loop and gets lost in madness.


Esther Hunziker is a media artist, living and working in Basel, Switzerland. Her work includes video, photography, interactive animations, online projects and media installations. In her work she often mixes audio-visual material with text, building up new patchwork like narratives. She likes to scratch on a smooth surface, provoking turbulence and chaos. Her work has been featured internationally and nationally, including shows and festivals in Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Holland, Slovakia and Switzerland.