Fabiano Onça & Colmeia


In the beginning it was the Verb, and the Verb was with God, and the Verb was God. Thus, the sound brakes the emptiness of existence and propels us into space, towards the other, others, a constellation of others. This game’s proposal is to explore the sonic world, to make of sound the game’s motive power. To force the player to think not only with the mind and the eyes, but rather to make him express, through speech, the action. To make that, from his guts, the fire of his on-screen flight is supported. To force him to mold, precisely, his primal sounds. To dose, to calibrate, to tune his throat, so that the outward force is not too high, and neither too low. But the player shouldn’t think that talking to the wind is enough. Because what comes out of our throat is a material to be exchanged with the other. And only with the tuning of both participants the game may be won. That is, finally the game is about listening and being listened to, in the same fair measure. Otherwise, we will have in the game a reproduction of Babel.

Fabiano Alves Onça, 34, was born in São Paulo, is married and since he was a boy, a big games fan. It was this passion that made this journalist, graduated from University of São Paulo, create at 20 his first board game. From then on, games have more and more appeared in his life, in several ways. As a journalist, Fabiano was responsible for the creation of the game channel at site Terra, and later of the extinct Super 11, where he helped to create one of the first and most popular game servers in Brazil. Presently he is a columnist (for games, of course!) at “Playboy” magazine since 2006, as well as in other publications of Abril publishing house. As a game creator, he has published several titles in the Brazilian market (Malhação 1, Malhação 2, Marvel Heroes, Bob Esponja e o Sanduíche Maluco, Mickey no Zôo, etc…), but the great leap happened in 2004, when he became the first (and up to now, the only) Brazilian to win, with the game Waka-Waka Island, the 23rd edition of the renowned international tourney of board games promoted by the Paris game libraries. In 2008, that game was published in Germany with the title Vineta. In the academic field, he obtained his master’s degree from University of São Paulo in 2007. His paper was about the MMORPGs universe and our conceptions on what is to play. In 2005 he was honored with the publication of an article by FILE. | Colmeia “bee hive” in Portuguese. At colmeia, we make interactive experiences (whether branded or not) to tell and distribute stories. To build relationships. To entertain and engage people. To make it happen, we put together content and software, and give it a stir. We develop and remix technology whenever necessary, with the same passion than when we shoot films. We are a full-service digital production company. Every project is a different story. And yes, we love it like this.