Fale com o futuro: crie futuros desejáveis

“The future is fruit of the dreams of the past and choices of the present” – Lala Deheinzelin
Looking at the future of the past, it is clear how much the present was dreamed before. From the late 19th century, but mainly through the 1920’s and 40’s, there are a lot of images of what is now our day-to-day: telecommunications, digital technologies, prevalence of the expensive, cities in an inhuman scale, etc, etc, etc.
Today, the images of future in the big media are dark, sad, belligerent. It is necessary to dream and to sow images and ideas of desirable futures that can inspire innovation and to guide choices. Deep innovation emerges when we get away from the present, leaving the field of the possible, plausible, and go to the field of the creative, the desirable, the dream.
For such, it was created in 2008 the Iberian-American movement Crie Futuros (Create Futures), that develops methodologies and digital platforms to facilitate the creation of desirable futures. One of them is www.wikifuturos.com, a multimedia encyclopedia of desirable futures, that already has an important collection of futures created in several countries. If everything were possible, how would you like things to be? Let us dream the future of our city and its streets? A desirable future of our relationships, governments, learnings, amusement, professions…
In this work, we invite the participants to speak with the future: to manually draw or write their ideas of a desirable future and later to record their deposition, narrating what they have created.
The technology adopted (Livescribe / Smarten) allows one to touch points of the drawing and to hear what they mean, and it allows the upload of what was created, as a digital file, to be accessible to all and to generate a collaborative archive in Wikifuturos.

Lala Deheinzelin is a multimedia artist who today is an international specialist in creative economy, sustainability and futures, advising governments, institutions and multilateral organisms. She is connected with the future themes since the 90’s, and has created and is coordinator of Crie Futuros, which aims at sowing positive future visions, to engage people of all ages to dream the new and to participate in the creation of the world they desire.