Geoff Lillemon


Oculart is a playful and visionary Internet Art piece that transcends the everyday, using Flash in a way that stuns one’s expectations and emotional reasoning. One cannot help but get lost and caught up in its seemingly never ending mezmerization. With an accompanying soundtrack reminiscant of Holger Czuckay’s ‘cannaxis’, originally inspired by Stockhausen; slow hybrid, layered soundscapes with distant voices haunting the mind. It’s like hearing the lost souls of chanting transubstiated beauty, wrapped with a sense foreboding, shadowed with the inevitable end. Oculart is a fascinating and surreal experience, declaring a kind of honest visceralness. Mixing dreams, images of objects and people, with poetic text entwined within the structure of the interactive site. A psychological and seductory epxerience that leaves you with a feeling of elation, beauty, darkness and that awkward bedfellow – fear.

Geoff Lillemon is a Boston based surrealist working in the net art movement. In 2005 he had his first solo exhibition at the Museo Tamayo, Mexico City, was the invit√© d’honneur at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, performed his collaborative music project l’Orchestre de Oculart at CCCB Barcelona /OFFF, New York, Toronto, and Mexico.