Han Hoogerbrugge


Hotel is a 10-part interactive animation in the anonymous space of an extraordinary and strange hotel. For Submarine Channel, multimedia artist Han Hoogerbrugge has created an interactive serial that takes place in a virtual hotel. The visitor looks around in the rooms, meets people and encounters objects. The hotel is large. The hotel is a head. The hotel follows the logic of a dream. The hotel is also the home base of Preconstruction (www.preconstruction.biz), the business of Dr. Doglin that conducts research into ‘freak accidents”. In exchange for payment, volunteers agree to undergo tests that Dr. Doglin performs on them. It appears that the tests present no danger to the volunteers? With each episode comes a comic (which can be opened and viewed by clicking on the menubar) that explores the parallel universe of one Dr. Goldin, apparently no relation to our own good doctor. Hotel can be dark and worrying, but it can also be lighthearted or even laughable. It?s a game in which seemingly nothing can be lost, but also nothing can be won. In short: an environment where visitors from the all over the world can recognize a little bit of themselves.

H. Hoogerbrugge, born 1963 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Studied painting at the Academy for Visual Arts. Works and lives in Rotterdam. His work comes about in an intuitive manner; thoughts and ideas are converted into interactive animations. Han Hoogerbrugge is striving towards evoking an atmosphere, making something recognizable that cannot be expressed in words.