Helmut Koelbach

360º City Panoramas

360° panorama presentations of cities and their people in Germany – panoramic photography of cultural places and highlights in German cities – all panoramas consist of 10-20 single exposures which are stitched together – single exposures are the best way to shoot moving people and objects at the right moment – this way of shooting becomes obvious in panoramas where the same persons can be find at several places – more than 400 panoramas of Germany with virtual tours.

Helmut Koelbach – Photo-Film-Designer born in 1954 in Neustadt Germany Study visual communication from 1973-1980 in Dortmund Germany. Since 1981 freelancer as a photographer and film producer in the north-west part of Germany. Production of documentary films and slide shows for NGOs and museums. Panoramic photography and internet publications since 2000.