HeM: Hermes Mangialardo

Working Man Blues

An animated music clip about Braddock city’s story.

Born: march – 28 – 1975; Copertino (Lecce) – ITALY 2001: Flash Designer diploma at Politecnic design School of Milan (ITALY); 2003 (October): I won the audience price at ANIMOWEB FLASH FESTIVAL 2003 (Modena, Italy) with a Flash intro called LINES (www.animoweb.it) . 2004 (Febbrary): I won the first prize at CAMPER WALKING CONTEST (Barcellona, Spain) with an animation movie about city of Barcellona called BARCELLONA, CITY OF THE WORLD (www.camper.com) . 2004 (March): I won the first prize at E-MAGINATION FESTIVAL (Naples, Italy, www.comicon.it). 2004 (May): Finalist at OFFF 04 (Valencia, Spain, www.offf.ws ). 2004 (May): Finalist at TORINO FLASH FESTIVAL (Torino, Italy, www.flashfestival.net ) 2004 (October): I won 2nd prize and audience price at ANIMOWEB FLASH FESTIVAL 2004 (Modena, Italy) with a Flash movie called MARY’S DAY (www.animoweb.it). 2004 (November): Finalist at VISIONI ANIMATE FESTIVAL (Bologna, Italy, www.visionianimate.it ). 2004 (November): Finalist at SWISS IN CHEESE FESTIVAL (Milan, Italy). 2004 (December): Special Jury prize at CASTELLI ANIMATI FESTIVAL (Rome, Italy, www.castellianimati ). 2005 (January): Finalist at STANDING ROCK SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (Kent, OHIO (USA), jan 2005, www.standingrock.net ). 2005 (December): I work for Proxima about the 3D effects for the A. Bellucco film “Antonio, Guerriero di Dio”. 2006 (January): Diploma at post-university Master called “Multimedia Content Design” sponzored by Florence University. 2006 (March) He founded “Plasmedia”: a multimedia and animation agency (www.plasmedia.it ) 2006 BLOW won the MTV FLASH AWARDS AT BITFILM FESTIVAL, THE INDEPENDENTS FILM FESTIVAL of Tampa (Florida) and the ITALIAN WINDOW of RESFEST 10, and many other festivals.