Holger Lippmann

Circle Iteration

The circle is definitely the most mysterious and at the same time the most beautiful and stunning form in our world of form. That pi, the key connection between radius and circumference, is (probably) infinite and (probably) without a certain pattern or systematic. The fact that science could not solve that riddle until yet is really fantastic and says it all.

1960 born in Mittweida | Germany 1985-1990 study for sculpture at the Art Academy, Dresden diploma 1990-1992 2 year masterstudent with Professor Klaus Schwabe 1991 stipend of the county Baden-Württemberg, study at the Art Academy Stuttgart stipend at “l’Institut des Hautes Etudes en Art Plastiques – IHEAP”, Paris lectures with Pontus Hulten, Daniel Buren, Sarkis among others 1 year residence in Paris 1992 trainee at the Institut of Technology, New York | computer art department 1992-1994 2 year residence in Brooklyn, New York 1997-1998 1 year postgraduate education for multimedia at CIMdata, Berlin since 2006 several lectureships at the Art Acadeny Dresden | Media Class lives in Wandlitz c|o Berlin/Germany