Hypatia Pickens

The Four Gods of Folly

What if the child in your womb knew about your wretched life and was afraid to face the world? In this work, an unwed mother — courageous and self-reliant — assures her anxious unborn child that together the two of them can resist the Four Gods of Folly that the world worships: Ignorance, Greed, Malice, and Inertia (indifference, cowardice, the refusal to act)… under which all humans fall.

“Hypatia Pickens” is the Second Life avatar of “Sally Caves,” the screen name and pseudonym for Sarah Higley: Professor of English at the University of Rochester, NY, USA, where she teaches medieval literature and film studies. She has published 3 academic books and over 25 articles on both topics. She has also sold fiction and teleplays, published poetry, and to date she has made over 22 machinimas in Second Life.