Jiacong Yan

We only come out at night

We Only Come Out at Night is an urban graffi ti project involving interactive public projections. A site is selected at dawn and a sticker is stuck or a stencil image is sprayed at the location. When the sun sets, jellies are projected over the heads of pedestrians on the street. As the pedestrian walks underneath the projection, the monsters grab the shadows of the people and eat them. The sticker is then removed and the project visits another place at dawn. A website is created to track the history of the monster appearance in order to promote and create a mythology. There are seven monsters in total, each monster’s design and behavior is unique. Gula, the monster that always eat, Avaritia, the monster that stuffs you into his pants, Invidia, the monster that takes your image and pretends to be you, and so on. Each monster is unique but always sad.

Born in Shanghai, China, in 1983, Jiacong “Jay” Yan is an artist and designer based in Los Angeles. When he was 16, he and a friend sank a sailboat owned by Dean Kamen (the inventor of the segway scooter, amongst many other things) in the Long Island Sound off the coast of Mr. Kamen’s private island, in a failed attempt to reach a smaller island just 30 meters away. He has been working with contemporary media technologies since age 16.