Jochem Paap & Scott Pagano


Umfeld is an audiovisual production created in HD with audio meticulously composed for 5.1 surround. The piece is an intense sensory expedition that takes the audience through eight chapters, comprising a drama drawing on the dynamic arc of a feature film, but consisting of highly abstract sounds and images. Soundscapes modulate rhythmically from intense and subtle to assertive and thundering, always using the surround audio environment to its full potential. In synchronicity with the sound, the images move through an array of contrasting worlds ranging from cold organic black and white synthetic animation to boldly colorful angular compositions, with their roots in imagery captured in the old industrial harbor of Paap’s hometown, Rotterdam. Together, the exploration of sound and image build upon each other, creating and examining detailed worlds of composition and form, with a deep embedded desire to forge a progressive approach to the worlds of sound and cinema.

As a filmmaker, motion designer, and spatial reconstructionist, Scott Pagano creates moving image content using shards of architecture, dysfunction, and futurism. With influences ranging from minimalist painting to cinema, his work offers a re-envisioned perspective on the graphic strata that saturate our visual perception. His meticulously constructed abstract artworks push the boundaries of audiovisual composition and process using a dynamic mix of cinematographic and synthetic imagery. His music videos and motion art works have been screened in venues ranging from international film festivals to MTV. He has worked with a wide range of notable musicians, including Speedy J, BT, Richard Devine, Christopher Willits, Funkstorung, Twerk, Joan Jeanrenaud, and the Kronos Quartet. Jochem Paap is a cantankerous type. Always shifting the boundaries, forever questioning the norm, this Rotterdam producer has produced some of the most startling electronic music recorded in the last ten years. He was initially lauded as an extraordinary technocrat, courtesy of his debut album releases “G Spot” and “Ginger”, both lessons in fluid, functional techno. However, he quickly established a reputation as the “enfant terrible” of the electronic scene, thanks to two albums of astonishing originality “Public Energy no 1” and “A Shocking Hobby”. Gone were the smooth lines and sleek rhythms of yore, to be replaced by brutal, yet strangely human, caustic beats that defied convention and introduced new lexicons into the techno dictionary.