Jook Leung

Good Bush – Bad Bush

Good Bush – Bad Bush: I felt compelled to go the anti-war rally in NYC. For the day, it was the most significant thing happening and I felt it was important for me to be there. People come and go but politics and religious acrimony never change. Jook Leung’s 360 degree VR images are visually vivid and uniquely conceptual. His strong sense for color, lighting and composition are evident in his 360VR work. Experience what he saw, felt and heard as a 360 observer. There are lots of people with cameras but few with the ability to see and capture spherical 360 degree defining moments in their collective consciousness’s.

Jook Leung is internationally recognized as an innovator in spherical panoramic photography. He was recently presented with his second consecutive Fujifilm Masterpiece Award for photographic excellence in electronic imaging for his 360 degree panoramas. His interactive spherical panoramas for these awards can be experienced online for “Tribute In Light” and for “National Archives”. Jook’s experience spans 25 years as a commercial photographer with a background in photo-illustration and digital imaging. His best panoramic work seeks an intimacy with the subject(s) in full context with its whole environment while putting the viewer right in the midst of it. He photographs his panoramic landscapes with a panoramic narrative that senses moments of life and through QuickTime VR, shares that intimacy with his audience.