Jorge Crowe

2x (Power of two)

“2x (Power of two)” is an audiovisual reactive installation, a DJ/VJ machine built with scrap (scanner, PC speakers, LCD panel from an old laptop). “2x” explores, in a simple way, the relations between numbers, image and sound. It uses, in its core, a low cost integrated circuit designed for mathematical operations, diverted from its original purpose to generate rhythm with a syncronized visual response. While a speaker delivers a beat at a certain time, each of the other speakers will raise this number to the next power (21, 22, 23, 24, 25, etc.) enriching the rhythmic sequence. Simultaneously, a projected image will show geometric patterns that change according to the sound. The name of the installation “Power of two” not only refers to the audiovisual representation of the arithmetic operations but also to the physical interface: the “instrument” is executed laying no one but two hands over the control surface. The amount of skin (or the amount of fingers) in contact with the interface will determine the speed of the rythmic sequence. This simplicity allows viewers/players to control the technic of audiovisual generation in a few seconds. “2x” tries to reflect on our southamerican situation as users/consumers of technology immersed in a strange mixed reality in which we access immediately to information from the great centers of tech design and production (first world) and, at the same time, we lack the amount of time and resources needed to develop, research or acquire these products. “2x” wants to share an alternative view to the word “obsolete”, term that devices acquire faster and faster, following the enormous pressure of corporations to upgrade our software and hardware . “2x” is also a punk response (Do It Yourself) to professional gadgets from electronic music culture (Macbooks, touchscreens, LCD projectors, 5.1, etc.)

Jorge Crowe was born in Mendoza, Argentina in 1976. He is Visual Arts graduate specialized in Painting with a postgraduate course in Electronics applied to Arts. His main interests focus on hardware hacking, circuit bending, DIY techniques and general open source electronics applied to theatre, media arts and education. He runs a space called Laboratorio de Juguetes (Toy Lab) where kids and adults learn basic electronics, open source hard&soft, and how to reuse obsolete technology in the design, development and building of electronic toys and objects including movement, sound and light. He is also teacher of Electronics & low-tech resources at the Master’s degree in Electronic Arts (UNTREF – Buenos Aires). He has exhibited his toys and objects in different galleries, festivals and events in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil (FILE’09 SP, FILE PRIX LUX, Dorkbot MVD amongst others). He performs live with his toys under the alias h.cosas.