Julian Jaramillo Arango

The Happy Cube

“The Happy Cube” is an interactive musical object that explores the cube geometry as a model for music creation. It has a self-regulated sound system inside that allows working as a music box. Depending on the side the cube is leant, a new generative music process will be triggered. When turning the cube around itself, it creates a variation in the musical pattern or melody. “The Happy Cube” is “happy” because it doesn’t need any cable or chord plugged to a computer. It is not a MIDI interface, but a portable object that produces sound by its own. On its initial state, leant on one of the six sides, “The Happy Cube” remains silent. The other five perspectives of the cube establish musical material to play with. Each generative music process uses a combination of random patterns and pre-determinated melodic material. Any interaction with the cube will originate a new direction in the musical flow. The user is invited to interact with the cube as a 3D musical puzzle, handling and manipulating the object in order to explore the sounds it carries.


Julian was born in Bogota, Colombia. He received his BA in music composition from Universidad de los Andes and his MA in multimedia from Unicamp, in Brazil. His work deals with relations between digital media and art music. His electroacoustic music, radio-art, video and installation pieces have been performed in Colombia, United States, France and Brazil. Julian is part of Mobile group, that works in the subject of music and interaction as a candidate for PhD in Musicology from Universidade de São Paulo. Julian lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.