Julian Konczak


J9 is a computational video that explores the relationship between journey and narrative; it uses sound and image to draw the audience into the rhythmic cycles of travel. Working with a 9 minute editing structure generated from both audio and visual pacing, multiple versions of a sequence are created using a video database of a diverse range of physical locations. The installation makes reference to the use of “computational video” as it incorporates software systems to sequence the audio and visual video edits. The use of a recurring form is intended to evoke the way in which we map our own internal experience onto diverse locations and cultures as we travel. The soundtrack is composed from location audio samples and musical elements, allowing the audiovisual rhythm to evoke an emotional sense of transitions through different physical environments. The piece loops on multiple screens in the gallery space and as we follow the same narrative, each of the 9 iterations takes us on a different audio-visual journey.

Julian Konczak (UK) is a digital artist focusing on the interpretation of the world through photography, video and sound. Working with themes of globalisation, the urban and landscape, he creates work across on-line and installation environments. He has created work that has featured in UK galleries as well as international exhibition and tours such as SIGRAPH and ISEA. Further info on homepage www.zerok.tv