Juliana Cerqueira

Digitalized Body

“Digitalized Body” is a research in which the artist works aspects of art which refer to the public’s participation and, consequently, to the social questions related to the contemporary understanding of the human body. She proposes that people of our society, of our fast world, stop for a few seconds and donate a part of their time — the work’s main idea — and their bodies, through digitalization, leaving a part of themselves, a data, and that these, linked to each other, transform into one only digitalized body.

Born in Belo Horizonte, MG, now lives in Rio de Janeiro. Graduated in painting from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, made a workshop of art-technology with Bia Medeiros at Visual Arts School (EAV) in Parque Lage, with Eduardo Kac at Technology Fair in Petropolis. She also attended at EAV classes with professor Luis Ernesto and at Universidade Federal Fluminense she made photography by Kodak. She worked as assistant to painter Daniel Senise, in his studio in 2008. In that year she was assistant to the installation “O Sonho da Planta do Escritório” by artists Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger, in the exhibition “Os Trópicos” – CCBB – Rio. She helped in the exhibition “Repetir repetir” by José Paulo, at MAC -Niterói. She works and researches performance and art-technology, making some exhibitions, performances, videos, actions and projects