Junya Oikawa

Growing Verse

This work is made up of an organic combination of acoustic phenomenon structure, which consists of a number of parts triggered by the composer’s voice. Sound materials were taken from the installation “Body of Forest” (2010) and were composed anew as an electroacoustic work for concert.

Born in Sendai, Japan in 1983. He has been staying in Germany since 2011 as a guest artist at ZKM |Institute for Music and Acoustics in Karlsruhe. His compositions deals with the question of how natural sounds and voices in acoustic structures can be mapped and how concrete and synthetic sounds can be integrated by phonological effects. His main activities and accomplishments include: Commission work, Festival Europäische Kirchenmusik 2012 – Heimat und Fremd in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, selected work, Qwartz Electronic Music Awards 2012 in France and Tokyo Art Meeting 2010 Transformation” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.