Keiko Takahashi & Shinji Sasada

Diorama Table

“Diorama Table” is a project that explores a new form of merging interactive images into our daily life. When the participants put daily objects such as cups, ropes or candies on the table, paintings of houses, trees or trains appear according to their shapes. They can also arrange a town by putting daily objects on the table or watch a town changing in front of them whenever they add a new object. This work provides a unique experience where physical objects and fantastic images interact. Ropes: When the participants put ropes on the table and link them, the ropes become railroads and trains appear on them. When the participants make a small circle with a rope, it becomes a pond and ducks fly there and swim on it. When the rope is removed, the pond disappears and the ducks fly away. Chopsticks, forks, and spoons: When the participants put spoons, forks or chopsticks on the table, automobiles appear and start to run on the table. Cup and saucers: When the participants put cups and saucers on the table, images of houses, trees and buildings appear around of them. A cat always looks for a place to sleep, so it is hiding under the plate or cup. When the participants remove a cup or a plate, they find the cat which wakes up and leaves, in order to find another place to sleep. A small candy or a chocolate: When the participants put a small candy on the table, a dog appears, runs towards the candy and bites it.

Keiko Takahashi and Shinji Sasada┬┤s collaboration works have been exhibited internationally at galleries, festivals, and museums as ISEA2002, the 5th and 10th Japan Media Festival, Siggraph 2003 and 2007, and Ars Electonica Center (2007-2008). Awards include Prix Ars Electronica 2001.