Kimchi & Chips


“Link” is a reactive space which requests and shares your story with others. By inputting videos of yourself into the installation, we build up a scene representing the presence of everybody within the exhibition. The audience is requested to cross the boundary of roles within the exhibition, by being presented themselves as the exhibition. Existing in the same space as the exhibition, the audience can appreciate how their own roles and definitions within the exhibition context can rapidly change. By instantly switching from 1st person to 3rd person observation modes, the audience can contextualize their own existence and relationships with others. “Link” also represents an evolution within our in-house technical tools. We developed a new highly-tuned and flexible mapping suite for the project which allows an efficient and accurate mapping of large amounts of video faces. This suite will be released publicly as a mapping control suite for the iPad and open source software for PC and Mac. We revisit a continuing theme within our work, which is ‘How can we store our memories inside boxes?’. “Link” is a continuation from our previous installation at Coffee Kitchen, which was originally inspired by the activities of Korean girls in cafés, whereby they would take turns to touch up their make-up and take photos of each other, often for several hours at a time. This raised the questions, “Where do all these photographs go?”, “What if these images could become a more permanent imprint on the café itself?”.

Kimchi & Chips is a digital media art and design studio based in Seoul. We conceive and produce environments, installations and products with an aim to enable beautiful experiences for people living today. Our artistic inquiry focuses on storytelling and the sharing of memories. We create memorable and social experiences through interactions between humans and the artworks we create. Works exhibited at: Seoul (Design Korea 2010), Paris (Bains Numériques), Yokohama (SIGGRAPH Asia), Manchester (FutureEverything), Aarhus (Next #5), Munich, Milan, London and others.