Kristoffer Ørum & Anders Bojen

Radiant Copenhagen

Radiant Copenhagen integrates the satellite interface of Google Earth to a documentary repertoire with a Wiki approach to describe a Copenhagen dominated by seemingly absurd events but not so far out from our common perception of the future. Exploring this Copenhagen from the satellite, one can encounter a myriad of significant places from which to learn the future development of the city up to the year 2130: The Blockbuster Centre of Research, the Curious Curiosities Museum, Centre of Improbability and Invisibility, a Care and Creativity Shopping Centre, in addition to a tremendous number of improbable events and alterations of the space-time. Through the use of generally perceived credible instruments, Radiant Copenhagen, summarizes assumptions on the future and reflections on the present. With a style that, at times, recalls the one of Douglas Adams, freely getting inspiration from the apocalyptic imaginary and keeping a constant suspense, by spreading natural disasters and mocking the evolution of morals, Radiant Copenhagen is a huge project, full of surprises (soprprese), comprehensive and impressively coherent. This new Copenhagen not only has a detailed geography and timeline, but also a reliable study of places, characters, institutions, museums, magazines, shops, roads and streets details, industries, revolutionary theories of quantum-physic and historical events.

Anders Kristoffer & Ørum Bojen are active as a duo since 2004; they blend different techniques and solutions (from sculpture to video performance) to subvert logic and mock facts. There is a common thread of derision that accompanies their work: a cosmic passage of giant carrots, deformations of the spatial structure only visible through their reflection on a shop window, uncontrollable physical destructuralization and encounters with fictitious artists. They have been selected for collectives and events, in Denmark as well as in the United Kingdom, California, Romania, France, Belgium, Sweden and Norway.