Fluxo 02

The project Live Lab A/V formatted for presentation at FILE – São Paulo, in August 2006, “Fluxus 02”, consists in a live performance that tries to stimulate the viewer’s imagination through visual and auditive evolutions produced and edited in real time. With the video projection of the dynamics developed by the reaction of ordinary substances, such as water, oil, pigments, and the influence of the sonic landscape, the serenity of the vastness immersed in the microcosmic details comes to surface. This organic movement is a tiny representation of all the biochemical processes that we live at every instant, from the cycle of rains and tides to the life conception process. Even if we don’t pay attention, those processes have always been present in our lives, screaming to be heard, waiting for our reintegration with the natural organic cycles. The integration of image and sonic landscape inaugurates a second sensorial element, highly complementary to vision. Audition allows a de facto spatial immersion. In “Fluxus 02”, the soundtrack is founded in the balance between the sound’s objectivity and the music’s subjectivity, and gives a narrative clothing to our image’s plasticity.Organic tunes and samples, as well as images from Live Lab, will be generated by acoustic instruments and body percussion, which will be compiled in studio, digitally handled and, in real time, edited and sequenced according to the visual landscapes.

The collective Laborg has made immersion studies in multimedia experiences since February 2005. Formed by artists specialized in different analog and digital communication processes, it has as its main research focus the search for an integration of the viewer’s multisensorial perception. COMPONENTS: Alexandre Sahade Gonçalves, Charles de Oliveira, Marcelo Zaccariotto, Pablo Zurita, Yuji Added a.k.a. Baia