Luca Holland


‘rain.html’ is an interactive,web-based audiovisual work. The piece, developed specifically for the web browser Firefox 4, works across multiple browser windows and creates a direct link between them. In ‘rain.html’ the user is invited to play with the web browser in a subversive manner and interact with an endless stream of data. Technically, the piece is an experiment of sorts. It uses the recently implemented ‘Audio Data API’, which allows programmers to process and generate sound directly in the browser, without the need for extra plug-ins (flash etc.). ‘rain.html’ forms part of the early body of work to use the API, and is one of the first interactive artworks that use it.

Currently working towards an MA by Research in New Music at the University of Huddersfield. I am interested in interactive and open-outcome music, and the challenges faced in the development and presentation of such pieces. My current research and creative output looks at the use of new interfaces in interactive systems, and the way in which we interact with them. Aside from creating interactive, open form works, I have worked with acousmatic composition and sound design.