Luis Felipe Carli

Organized Complexity

“Organized Complexity” is a work that has a multitouch-sensible table and a multiple unit interaction software. In a scale of thousands of units, the result that emerges are coherent graphic compositions, like watching the development of a live organism or the transformations of a city along time, from an aerial perspective. From that elevated point of view, the observer has the chance to interact indirectly, through the extremely natural and intuitive touch-table interface, undoing formations, forcing mixes. Movements here don’t generate certainties and attitudes, they rather modify momentarily the space where units are inserted, transforming the generated image, which is fruit of the environment and the units’ relationships, and not of a concrete goal.

Luis Felipe Carli graduated from the School of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo, where he developed a research on Organized complexity and emergency in the production of graphic images. He is a directing partner of Estúdio Origami since October 2007, and developed works for Oi telecom, MTV Brasil, WallMart, Embraer, and others. He is part of the Grupo de Pesquisa Design, Ambiente e Interfaces, at FAU-USP.