Luiz DuVa

Concerto para duo de laptops

“Concert for laptop duo” is an audiovisual composition based on a multimedia performance where images and sounds are manipulated live, in real time. It is a poetic essay that departs from de free interpretation of different emotional landscapes, extracted from the memory of anonymous people, and, through their live re-articulation, to propose an analysis of the complex relationships between past, present, and the true reality of events. In the images we see two men, a mountain and land all around… No one’s land! In a frenetic, violent search for something that you know you have already lived… A crossroads with no return, where what belongs to one is not the other’s, and what belongs to the other will never be anyone’s…

Luiz Duva a.k.a. duVa is an experimental artist in the field of videoart, performance and new media who develops since the early 1990s personal narratives in video, as well as a series of experiences with videoinstallations. From 2000 he has dedicated to “live images”, a term coined by him to indicate the manipulation of images and sounds in real time, the creation and presentation of multimedia performances in imersive environments, projects of live cinema and VJing.