Grassy Town

Grassy Town is about overdevelopment and sprawl of the city go hand in hand. They both result from too much development for the area and conditions. Overdevelopment causes many problems: congestion, jarring visual landscapes, noise and traffic gridlock. However, while humans suffer consequences from overdevelopment with the environment, and the creatures that share it. Burning of fossil fuels such as gasoline, coal, natural gas and oil releases greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. They also create smog and air pollution, which is harmful to the environment and to human health. These pollution particles also mix with precipitation and enter the water system. So, reserving large green areas and planting trees can help blunt the negative impact of man-made pollution.

Luciano Rabuske is from south of Brazil, and he lives for 12 years in Miami, US. He holds two bachelor’s degrees from Florida International University, being an artist for 11 years. He converges different medias with dissimilar approach, dealing with divergent subject matters. Through his artworks, it is possible to perceive his substantial capacity to synthesize his ideas, and find a way to articulate them in a wonderful approach. In Rabuske’s art it is possible to be see some hints of abstract expressionism and surrealism, however, his works belong to his own unique style. His artworks inquire a glance, influenced by the flow of the colors effects that is apply in his imageries that bounces back to his audience, when they allow to perceive subtle qualities throughout a variety of textures and details. He employs faux flattery imagery that usually is highly striking, merging other visual elements mingled with asymmetric shapes in a weird composition.