Mai Yamashita & Naoto Kobayashi

When I wish upon a star

In “When I wish upon a star”, Yamashita and Kobayashi prolonged a videotaped image of a real shooting star, whose duration is originally less than a second, into about two minutes in order to make it long enough for all of Yamashita’s wishes upon the shooting star.

The Japanese artist duo Mai Yamashita (b 1976) and Naoto Kobayashi (b 1974) is working in the field of multi-media. Both of them studied at MFA Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Since they came to Germany in 2004, they live and work in Europe. They have participated in various major international exhibitions, festivals and screenings (ARS 06, The Museum of Contemporary Art KIASMA, Helsinki / I Am Future Melancholic, Tate Modern / Small Mischiefs, Pump House Gallery, London / Videonale 11, Kunstmuseum Bonn / International Film Festival Rotterdam / transmediale.06, Berlin etc.)