Maria Hsu & Anselmo Kumazawa


Recompose, redo unstoppingly, from the probable to the improbable, allow us to try infinite possibilities or impossibilities that can lead us from sublime to disaster. Billions of translocations, transpositions, deletions, hyperexpressions are induced always at random, similar to genetic abnormalities. The mechanisms that regulate the normal, the pre-established, rupture allowing the appearance of the possible others. They surprise us with products that arise unquietness. In nature, these mechanisms allow the search and finding of more improved and productive solutions. In art, they allow to free us from preconceived structures in search of new questions. Chance generates situations and the human being will than select, interfere and appropriate.

Maria Hsu has been dedicated to Visual Arts experiencing the following midia: painting, photography and digital art. She has also an interest in phylosophy. Anselmo Kumazawa graduated in Computer Sciences in 1999 at Sao Paulo University where he is concluding his post graduate studies. Besides his interest in Digital Art, he is the development manager in an E-learning project.