Urban Surfing Moscow

This work confronts the spectator with a contemporary vision of the city. It is the result of an investigation of the borders of psychological perception of the urban environment, while at the same time exploring and testing the frontiers of the video language as the medium for its artistic representation. The project operates in the zone of conflict between the perception of a real documentary image of the urban environment, the common knowledge about it and individual, ever changing memories. It is an attempt to translate the perceived energy from the city into an energized perception of the city. In many ways, like the energy of the ocean is perceived in its waves and while surfing you are not enjoying the view but in actual fact sensing and using this energy. Thus, the accelerated navigation of urban dwellers through the cityscape, like surfing on an ocean wave, leaves them, focused as they are on their daily duties, only time for the associative scanning of striking details and the landmarks linked with it. As a result, the generally accepted concept of a city as a clearly structured architectural ensemble gives way to a dynamic, fragmentary and individual perception of the urban environment. Video fragments from Moscow, Tokyo and Paris are united into one powerful stream. The initially continuous, almost meditative movement is covered by an enormous wave of images that invades the entire surface of the screen.

Multimedia artist living in Amsterdam and Moscow. She holds an MFA in painting from Moscow State Fine Art Academy and Media Master of Arts from HKU, Netherlands. Presently she is developing a new series of photographical and video works based on the exploration of the dynamical visual structures of megalopolises of various cultural traditions, and memory as a dynamic process of a product of human consciousness. She took part in numerous festivals and exhibitions as VIPER Basel, Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin, Kandinsky Prize Moscow, Visionaria Siena, two Moscow Biennials.